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At the time of writing this I am aged 46, and I lead a team of people in the IT sector, who I mentor and promote a way of life to help support their goals and personal happiness. It was actually this team that inspired me to write this website as they have all asked me at some point what I did to achieve my own personal goals and happiness. The real answer to this question is a I don’t really know… it’s a bit of luck, a bit of bad luck, I worked hard, made mistakes and tried to understand people for what their motivations are. That’s not really an answer I suppose, if I was to “one line it”, I would say it’s the collective journey of my experiences and the people of influence on me.

I have been a bit of a jack of all trades since starting work at 15, I’ve done everything from cleaning windows, cars, paper rounds, waitering, cheffing, delivery driver, tele marketing, labour hand, IT engineer, business security analyst, project manager and practice leader (I’m sure some things I have forgotten while typing this). I have always worked, even in my lowest times when I have done jobs that I didn’t really want to do to earn money and pay my bills. But eventually had a move away from manual jobs to a career in IT.

My academic journey was an interesting one, at primary & secondary schools I wasn’t exactly a model student, I am dyslexic and during that time, was not really recognised as a condition as such and was labelled as special needs which my mother worked hard at keeping me out a of group of students that would be classed (at time) as disruptive, even though I was not separated, I struggled with my grades. I was always a C grade student during this time. I did go on to complete my A levels after leaving home at 16, which I think was an achievement as I was working nights to pay my way and at school during the day. After my A levels I went full time working at pizza company (a famous one) and eventually became a manager. I really thought I could do more with my life and ended up going travelling with my girlfriend, and while travelling she helped me apply for a university course. I will always be grateful for this, it was definitely a turning point for me. At university, I would say I worked hard and played hard, but going back as an older student really gave me the motivation to do well, yes, I liked the fun side but I was always able to stop and get the work done, this paid off in the end as I left my degree in Business Information Systems with a 1st.

I have lived in 3 countries (UK, Belgium & Australia) where I have lived and worked, and I have travelled and adventured around a large proportion of 2 continents (Europe & Asia). The sites, the people and the adventures with different cultures was a broadening of experience I would wish for anyone. It really helps with balance when you have seen the best and worst parts of the world, especially growing up in a modern country and thinking things are bad, and then seeing how others survive in the poorest parts of Thailand or Vietnam.

I genuinely believe in balance now and really think the world has become imbalanced, I would not say I have a standard view on things as I think we are manipulated and conditioned to believe we live in a fair system, I am not trying to be political here, I think south park said it right politically, you have a choice between a toilet douche and a turd sandwich, which removes any interest I have on people's political views in the world, I solely believe we need balance. I hope you have or are going to enjoy my website, my true goal is to bring you balance and hopefully inspire you to promote the same.

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Money! & Money!

Lets be realistic about things here, yes yes money is the route of all evil, money doesn't buy happiness, no amount of money bought a second of time... But I want some of it all the same.



When I was young I was athletic and fit. When I went to Uni it fell off a cliff, when I turned 30 the aches and pains started, when I turned 40 oh my god my eye sight!... Simple things I do better.



I chuckled with this section as there are so many factors, the 2 over there are possible contributors and disruptors! Life is about balance..I hope i can share something of interest.

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