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Income Hacks - Making the extra cash to build up our wealth & assets

I thought it better to move this from the main page as I would like to generate a wider discussion specifically about ways to make extra income. I have a few ways which I have included below, things I have done, but I figure the world will know a lot more than me.

Making extra money outside of a job is actually a lot harder than I ever thought, the feeling is demotivating when thinking up the ideas, mainly as it has all been done before! You are going to be competing with lots of other people, who have probably been doing it a lot longer and so likely better than you can out of the box. The returns are not going to be the level of grandeur when having a good idea either, not straight away anyways. Dealing with the disappointment, I think we just want to give up and just surrender to the position, it’s just not worth it. This is why I want to show you somethings I’ve done. Hopefully others will also share what they have done.

Life Hack – Do get rich quick schemes exist?

Hahaha nooooo 😊 I think other than being one of those very few 1 in 100s of millions who win the lottery there is no such thing as a "get rich quick", though!! if you have something, please don't post it on the discussion board, send me a PM so I can have a slice. My point being if they existed, we would all be rich! Anyone claiming it, are likely going to be pushing some sort of pyramid scheme (which can return a profit but nothing life changing) or a scam, so illegal and unethical, and thats not worth the karma.

Life Hack - A Hobby that made me money!


I do think you need to find something you enjoy, you might of guessed, I am a little bit of a nerd. One of my friends who works in marketing said to me they had come across a pyramid marketing scheme that had a service that actually worked, it used a techique that exploited free bet offers by online betting sites, and as I “liked that sort of thing” I should take a look. So, I did.

The technique is called match betting, which basically means that an online bookie will offer free bets to get you to use their sites. What’s involved is you place a qualifying bet and they will give you a free bet if you do so. Now because you don’t want to lose the money from your qualifying bet, what you do is bet on a sporting event for a sports team to win and then also place a bet on a sports team not to win. Meaning you are matching your qualifying bet with another bet, basically meaning you will win and lose the bet whatever happens in the event, giving you a net profit of zero. The gain is you win a free bet at the same time. Hence calling it match betting. To make money use the free bet in similar way, but this time to generate a profit. (because you are only covering one side of the bet with real money).

This has become a pretty big thing now and many people do it, I personally used a site called Outplayed (I think it was the first) this is the pyramid scheme element, but it explains all you need to know and also gives you all the betting offers and the tools you need to work out which bets to make. It is a paid for service, but they also show you how to make the money to pay for your first months subscription fee using the technique, so if you want to give it try, it will make you £15-£20 or cost you nothing to continue for a month, where you will definitely make a lot more, I would say give it a try and see if it’s for you or not, you have nothing to lose. The real kicker of this is though, as its money generated by gambling sites, its tax free and perfectly legal.


I did match betting for 3 years, where I would spend an hour or so a day and maybe 2-3 at the weekend working through betting offers, in a year and a half I saved a large part of the deposit on my first house and the following year and a half I paid for the house renovations. It’s really not hard to do, and once you are fully comfortable with it you can do it from anywhere, it’s a little bit harder on a phone but a phone and tablet worked wonders. Take a look..

Life Hack – There is money to be made from market place websites


This is really my wife’s hobby and she has become very good at it too. What she does is looks for items, what she refers to as “bargains” on Gumtree, eBay, Vinted, Preloved and Facebook marketplace, things that are being sold by private sellers within 20-30 miles around our local area, buys them and then resells the items on eBay, but nationally, so to a bigger demographic. She absolutely loves it! I think it’s the haggling that she likes the most, she says it’s the shopping element and then making money element, but secretly I know it’s the price discussions.

Trying to get all the tricks from her on this was a little bit difficult, but in principle, what she has done is work out what people tend to buy at different times of the year. She has many watch lists and alerts that tell her when particular items go up for sale and she also knows what sort of prices they fetch at different times as well. For example, I know at the time of writing this that I have 2 good branded mountain bikes in my garage waiting for the summer, and she has just sold some jackets that had been in my wardrobe from the summer which she sold just before the winter.

She also buys underpriced items, items from quick sales or must go before X date, if we pass a charity shop, she goes in for a mooch, looking for designer labels which she can resell on. They all get listed on eBay with a starting auction price of what she paid, plus 10%, plus postage, everything on top is a bonus. The other thing she does is list the auctions to end at around 7pm on Sunday, which apparently is when most people are browsing eBay, if they sell, she prints the label and sticks on a prepared bagged up item and Monday morning before work she pops up to the shop and sends them out for delivery.

I don’t really know how much in total she has made doing this, but I know it competes with my match betting amounts from my time of making money to buy my first house. The real thing why this works is the pleasure it brings her and even though she calls it her side business, it’s really her hobby.

Life Hack – Making money while you sleep


The life hack of making money while you sleep is not specific to that timing, its more that you can earn from building something and if people have interest in it, you can earn a little bit of money. This website is an example of that. The purpose of this website is to share some of my life journeys and gain other people’s opinions on similar experiences. What I have done as a result is reach out to the organisations that I have used on the way and asked them if I reference their product or service, will they give me a referral fee as a result. In most cases, they do, but its not always a cash payment, like some of the links to the investment platforms I use, it’s in the form of an exclusive bonus such as, they will give me and the person signing up to the service £100 Amazon vouchers. That’s a win win in my book, as not only have I managed to make someone else money, I get a reward as well.

Anyone can do this, though I must say, you have to have a passion to do it. Personally, this is my nerdy hobby, and thinking of an idea to build a website or blog is not easy, and it’s a lot of work, that will need to be built over time. To give you an idea of that time, it took me 7 weeks to write my dissertation at university and it comprised of 21,000 words. This website has more than 60,000, and it’s been done over many months. The return on this is minuscule in comparison to the time spent, so its more of an added bonus. But it still generates something, and that all adds up in the grander scheme of things.

This website is not exactly the best way to do this, the more common approaches are product review sites, and I’m sure you have seen many of them popping up. They rank the top 10 new phones, top 10 hiking boots etc, the people doing this are all hobbyist that publish links to products aligned to an affiliate programme and if someone buys from their link, will get a small commission for the referral. I don’t actually have many affiliate links in this particular site as it’s not really for that purpose, but I have read that some actually do very well from it.

Nowadays, you don’t have to very technical to do it, but you will have to subscribe to a service which you can publish and build your website on, they have all the tutorials and automate some of the harder technical aspects for you, so you can just add the content you want. A platform I used in the past for a tour of the UK blog I wrote, was WIX, its very user friendly and a good starting place.

This website doesn’t use that, as I wanted to see if I could build a self-hosted site, the only thing I pay for is the domain name, so for the more technical out there, this is possible using a bit of googling, a webserver (I use a raspberry pi) and some coding. The internals of the website I got from various places and out of consideration to the developers I reference them at the bottom of each page (and no these are not affiliate links, but the web platform WIX one is! 😊).


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