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On VidualNet we use GitHub to interact and manage the discussion threads on the pages. GitHub is a huge technology platform that offers open-source coding and collaboration. We are using Giscus which is an open-source connectivity tool that allows website page discussions to use the dedicated discussion forums on GitHub, it’s completely free, add free and tracking free.

Github Sign Up

Configuring your Github account

  1. Creating an account - To sign up for an account on, navigate to Github and follow the prompts. (To keep your GitHub account secure you should use a strong and unique password. For more information, see "Creating a strong password.")

  2. Choosing your GitHub product - Choose GitHub Free for your personal account.

  3. Verifying your email address - To ensure you can use all the features in your GitHub plan, verify your email address after signing up for a new account. For more information, see "Verifying your email address."

  4. Configuring two-factor authentication (optional) - Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of security used when logging into websites or apps. We strongly urge you to configure 2FA for the safety of your account. For more information, see "About two-factor authentication."

  5. Viewing your GitHub profile and contribution graph (optional) - Your Github profile tells people the story of your work through the repositories and gists you've pinned, the organization memberships you've chosen to publicize, the contributions you've made, and the projects you've created. For more information, see "About your profile" and "Viewing contributions on your profile."

Signing into the Discussion boards

  1. After you have your account setup in Github, you will need to click "Sign in with Github" which will take you to the Github login page.
    Sign in

  2. Login with your Github account which you will of created above.

  3. Authorise Giscus - It will ask you to Authorise Giscus, so you are able to access the forum discussion boards setup on VidualNet

  4. Simple Login - After you have completed the above setups you will be able to just simply login in and out of the discussion boards simply by clicking the login button."

Please note that none of your login details are stored or recorded on this website, it is all managed as part of the github platform.

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Lets be realistic about things here, yes yes money is the route of all evil, money doesn't buy happiness, no amount of money bought a second of time... But I want some of it all the same.



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I chuckled with this section as there are so many factors, the 2 over there are possible contributors and disruptors! Life is about balance..I hope i can share something of interest.